out of towels like a towel dispenser

 Save 90% over paper towel use . Saving the Environment  Paper towels cannot be recycled.24 months. Saving Maintenance Time  Electric hand dryers also help reduce maintenance times. This can not happen when you install an electric hand dryer To sum it up here are the top 6 reasons to install an electric hand dryer.

And the average establishment should see payback in 12. Electric hand dryers help reduce the need for landfill space, and they reduce the number of trees being cut to process paper towels. A custodian or maintenance person has to pick up any that are thrown on the floor and dispose of the entire mess. More hygienic than paper towels.

 Decrease Vandalism About Author Glen Store. And an electrix hand dryer can not run out of towels like a towel dispenser. More sanitary washrooms  4. Saving Health غير مجاز مي باشدts  Paper towels can cause problems from the residual bacteria on them. People have to handle that waste. One hand dryer can save the live of 5 trees during the course of its lifetime. Increase Hygiene  Electric hand dryers increase the hygiene in any bathroom as there is no need to touch a towel dispenser other people have touched before. غير مجاز مي باشدt-analysis studies show that restaurants and schools can save hundreds to thousands of dollars each year by installing warm-air hand dryers. With the hand dryers, there is nothing for anyone to handle, so there is no risk from germs. Reduced maintenance Promotion Towels Suppliers labor .

Saving Money  Electric hand dryers are installed because they provide a 90 percent غير مجاز مي باشدt savings over paper towels. Once they are used, they must go to the landfill. Environmentally friendly  3. Decrease Vandalism  One of the biggest problems in publicly accesable bathrooms is that people will frequently cloak the toilet by throwing in paper towels. A lot of times is wasted cleaning up the mess around trash cans from paper towels that did not make it in there

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